Celebrate Everything!

f I could tell you only one thing about me it would be this: I am madly in love with Jesus! He is my reason for everything I do — writing, speaking, working, and even shopping — it’s all about Him!

I live in Gilbert, Arizona with my adoring husband and within a stones throw to nine of our eleven grands. Seriously, the best and busiest life ever! I love all things yellow, super sweet iced coffee, cute shoes, playing the piano, and organizing anything I can get my hands on!

Leading women’s and worship ministries on staff at my local church has been my role for the past twenty-two years. What a joy to serve and shepherd my church family! I also have the privilege of directing women’s retreats and leadership conferences for Southwest Venture Church Network.

As of 2021, I spend most of my time serving on the team at Redemption Press where I have the incredible privilege of leading the She Writes for Him events and trainings. It’s so much fun and doesn’t even feel like work! In my free time you’ll find me spending time with gals of all ages simply talking about life and how Jesus changes everything. My heart beats with a passion for discipleship as I watch them dance through each stage of their journey!

My favorite time of day is the early morning when I simply sit and soak in the Word with a cup of coffee in hand. My first Bible Study came out of this precious time Jesus and was published June of 2021.

Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise,
‍Rebuilding Broken to Beautiful through Worship.

The theme of this study resonates in my every breath: May the story of my life be found as worship in His eyes!

God continues to open doors I never dreamed I would walk through but I celebrate each opportunity along the way.

God has given me a message of hope through salvation only He can offer and a wonderful chance to share it with the world.