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Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise - Bible Study

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About This 7-Week Bible Study

God created us to be worshippers. Our worship is not defined in a corporate setting of our local church gathering but is found in the common places of our lives. It is the praise of our soul that weaves its way through the very fabric of our days from the kitchen sink to the boardroom table.

Through the Old Testament story of the people of Israel who are released from exile in Babylon, Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise is a powerful study of the book of Ezra, along with the minor prophet Haggai, to discover how to reorient your life of worship.

During this seven-week study, you’ll walk alongside the exiles, and their story will come to life as you experience their return to proper worship through not only the rebuilding of their temple, but the rebuilding of their lives from broken to beautiful. You’ll discover how they gained an identity in God to transform their hearts and minds for a life of worship, and you’ll also learn how to:

  • break free from selfish desires
  • reorient your worship toward God through daily sanctification
  • recognize God in the everyday and listen to His voice
  • realize your identity in Him
  • keep your heart focused on God
  • identify misaligned worship

With guided Scripture reading, question, and prayers, this study will revolutionize your view of worship and inspire you to live a life surrendered to God.

Debbie Alsdorf
Debbie Alsdorf
Author of Deeper, The Faith Dare, and It’s Momplicated
"Living a life of praise changes us—the hard becomes holy, and the ugly transforms into beauty. In this study of Ezra, Carol Tetzlaff walks us through ancient text, leading us to practical real life application. An excellent study encouraging us to believe God for the rebuilding of every broken place in our lives."
Amberly Neese
Amberly Neese
Comedian, author, speaker
Author of The Belonging Project: Finding Your Tribe and Learning to Thrive
“What a timely read! In a season of political, social, and interpersonal tumult, the wisdom of this seven-week study serves as invaluable and practical encouragement. Carol Tetzlaff has an incredible gift of navigating a rarely-studied, oft-overlooked book of the Bible and pointing readers to the hope found only in the worship of God through candor, relatable stories, and wisdom. This study, Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise, would be perfect for small groups, women’s gatherings of all sorts, worship teams, and for anyone needing a reminder of the love of God and the transformative power of surrender in worship."
Dr. Bert Downs
Dr. Bert Downs
Chancellor, Western Seminary
“Exile. What an unusual subject from which to build a case for experiencing, developing, and practicing worship! Except . . . it’s the human context within which God asks us to do that very thing. So, when you think of real-life worship, what better Bible book to work from than one focused on exile and restoration? One like Ezra. And your guide, Carol Tetzlaff, is remarkably equipped to unfold the patterns and outcomes of a worship-fed life journey. Wherever you are on that journey, Carol will take the ‘know, be, do’ practiced by Ezra, apply it to worship, and through it, help you set your worship compass to take you through exile into the eternal presence of God.”
Ryan Nunez
Ryan Nunez
Lead pastor of Palm Valley Church, Goodyear, AZ
“Carol is a worship leader who understands that God wants more than our singing when it comes to worship. Ezra: Unleashing the Power of Praise is a great Bible study that integrates biblical history, personal stories, great discussion questions, and personal reflection opportunities. I could go on and on, but frankly my biggest endorsement is that I will be purchasing the study for all the worship teams across our campuses at Palm Valley Church!”
Vicki Voyce
Vicki Voyce
Director of LIFT AZ (Leaders in Fellowship Together)
“Carol unwraps God’s Word to help us rediscover the meaning of worship. This is a timely study that guides us to align our hearts toward proper worship so we can develop a daily walk of obedience. The words—Rediscover, Realize, Recognize, Reclaim and Reflect—will take on new meaning as they will guide you to life transformation. Get your highlighter ready for an adventure into the Word!”
Lee Nienhuis
Lee Nienhuis
Author, international Bible teacher, Host of the Moms in Prayer podcast
“Have you been in a season of drought, disappointment or discouragement? Friend, you are not alone. This world’s flash and shine holds no healing for the child of God, but His Word surely does. With the heart of a worshipper and the skill of a Bible teacher, Carol Tetzlaff guides us through a rich study of Ezra, a powerful and hidden gem meant for seasons just like this. I could not put my highlighter down. I found revival in these pages, the cure for listless and lifeless worship. And so will you. Promise.”