My Good, His Glory

My Good, His Glory

As I woke up early and sat down to read I thought, “I have some time this morning to write an inspirational post and maybe even take a picture of my coffee mug and Bible with the twinkling lights of the tree in the background. This will be the perfect snapshot to accompany my unrushed morning thoughts.”

As I reached for my Bible wondering where God would lead me today, my hand hit my very full coffee mug and I watched it tip over spilling out every last drop. Let’s just say that my idea of a lovely Christmas card worthy photo was transformed into a soaking wet mess. (The books were removed immediately from this little table and they now embrace some generous coffee stains as their pages lay open to dry.)

After I cleaned up the mess and fixed another cup of coffee, I sat down to try again. Picking up my slightly soggy Bible, I read of a man who was afraid. He had every right to fear as he knew a foreign army was coming up against him. But in his fear He turned to God and encouraged his people to cry out to Him, as well.

throne, war broke loose. His picture of walking through the beautiful rose gardens of the palace as he did as a child were transformed into running through the bloodstained battlefields. For certain, not the life he dreamed of, but it was in the mess of battle that God would show Himself faithful.

Our lives usually turn out quite a bit different than the picture we conjure up in our own dreams. But the life we experience is filled with snapshots of God’s faithfulness as He turns our mess into a portrait of beauty. Our battlefield is stained with fear and uncertainty, with pain and sorrow, and yet, there we find a photo worthy masterpiece. A picture of everyday grace and mercy set within the landscape of our most faithful God.

He will make all things work together ... for our good and His glory! Now that’s a picture worth posting!