Only Jesus

Only Jesus

The tears streamed down my face as if the floodgates had opened.  

I just sat there ... staring at the cover for what seemed like an eternity. I found myself tracing the letters of my name with my finger - slowly ...  deliberately ... over and over again.

       C A R O L  T E T Z L A F F

It’s real — it’s really a book — and it bears my name.

Even though it’s been a week since my first proof arrived the tears are flowing again as I write this post.

A year of in-depth study before my pen began to spill out the words found within these pages.

A year of God working on my heart to bring me to a place where I understood the full attention a life of worship demands.

And now my very soul ... the work God did within me is found beneath this cover that bears my name.

There is a longing that dwells in the depth of my heart as I see my name written so clearly - not me Lord - not me - only Jesus!

It is His name that my heart longs to see written there. He is the author of this book for He is the author of my life. He is the attention of my worship.

As my finger traced my name one last time I heard His gentle whisper as the Spirit spoke to my immediate need,

“Your name is precious to Me. It was My plan to have your name written here even before the foundations of the world were laid. I have given you this message to share so that others would live a life of worship to Me alone. When they see your name, they will see Me, because you, oh daughter of mine, live out the message within these pages. Your obedience will bring others to know me and to love me. So, continue the work I have called you to accomplish bringing all the glory to Me.”

And so, with a grateful heart I will continue the work He has called me to do.  Sharing His message within the pages of this study with my world.

But for this very moment I will let the tears flow again offering up the words found beneath the cover that bears my name as a sacrifice of worship.

May the story of my life be found as worship in His eyes. Only Jesus!