Promises in the Rain

Promises in the Rain

A rainy week in Arizona gave opportunity for the bow to appear.

Yesterday as a rainbow stretched across the sky I thought of something I had never realized before... it must be raining for such beauty to appear. It’s true because I googled it.

The first rainbow is recorded in the book of Genesis. You know the story... Noah and his family get off the ark after a horrific flood that had destroyed the entire world. There they stood, observing the place they would call home…eight people, a bunch of animals, and a world that was wrecked with the after effects of a flood.

Noah builds an altar of worship and God gives this covenant: a world-wide flood will never again destroy the earth. Then, we are told a rainbow floods the sky as a symbol of this promise.

When Noah was given this promise after the storm, it was given in the rain… because the rains must fall for the bow to appear.

I would think, for a man who had just lived through the most devastating storm in the history of the world, that there would have been fear in his eyes as the rains began to fall. But he would soon realize that even in the storm there are promises.

Whatever storm you are facing today, know that it is through the storm the promise can be seen clearly.

We can’t experience peace unless turmoil is present.

We can’t have hope until uncertainty has been realized

And we can’t experience great love until we have known great loss.

A promise in the storm is God’s gift to you that He is the only One who can fulfill the greatest needs in our life. Our greatest need is Jesus. He is the One who will perfect every promise when the rain begins to fall.