The Battle For Christmas • Introduction

The Battle For Christmas • Introduction


Isaiah 9:2 

The people walking in darkness 

have seen a great light;

on those living in the land of deep darkness 

a light has dawned.

Twinkling lights and evergreen sprinkled around my home remind me each moment the holiday season is here. 

A time filled with gathering of family and friends brimming with lots of smiles and even more laughter. I am so very thankful I have a family that celebrates well!

Amidst the glow, there appears in most every home the familiar sight of a stable. A pale faced beauty and her adoring beau gazing longingly into a pristine trough filled with velvety straw. In the center, wrapped in white, a baby takes the stage sleeping peacefully.

All is calm, all is bright … as the image of this silent night raptures our heart with wonder, an overwhelming peace that God is with us consumes our soul.

Indeed He is! The Christmas season is a beautiful reminder of His presence as God became flesh. 


Our earthly view of this scene often skews the reality found within the manger. For this quiet stable was surrounded by an invisible battle taking place in the heavenlies.

War has broken out! This was evidenced by the enemy's anger at the sight of the infant King. He has been defeated once again.


The battle for Christmas began in a garden and still rages today as the prince of darkness is at war for the souls of men. 

This devotional will lead us to understand the story leading to Christmas as Satan and his army attempt to thwart the promises of God.

Although this plague of darkness surrounds God’s people, there is coming a great light! The triumph belongs to our God and we will see His promises are true!

Our God will reign victorious in The Battle for Christmas.